Not only good food...

Yes, the empanadas we make are top quality and we take pride in how much care it goes into our product, but Gauchas is much more than an easy and original meal.

In Argentina we bond over food - we know, you might be thinking: “So what? This happens in every country” but, trust us, our food culture is up there with football and tango.

We all have stories around it: the smell of our grandmother's hands when making our favourite meal, the image of our dad next to the grill, glass of wine in hand, burnt into our brains forever, our faces getting buried in cake for our birthdays.

We always invite people over: for mates and pastries, for ñoquis every 29th, for an asado on Sundays, or for empanadas and good wine. It makes no difference if we have known you for our whole life or if we just met 5 minutes ago. Any traveller could tell you that going through Argentina, they’ve probably been invited to eat at someone’s home more times than they can count. These long meals are but an excuse to share and bond, and we want people everywhere to experience it.


We keep tradition alive with our family recipes


Fresh ingredients, selected with care


Achieving the best flavours


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Pamela Barrett

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Pamela Barrett


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